Fabric and Readymades

No wonder Khadi is acknowledged as one of the most comfortable fabric ever known.

Gradually the simple handspun and hand-woven fabric caught the imagination of the nation and slowly acquired a new status, the meaning of which went far beyond the realm of a mere cloth. Today, Khadi is fashionable and temptingly comfortable for young and the old alike. New designs throw overboard the old concepts of fashion; the result is a crop of modern wear.
Environment and Ecology occupy a prominent place among the key focal issues faced by the world today. The world is looking for eco-friendly alternatives and no other fabric fits the bill as Khadi does. Khadi, the ancient and the most authentic form of fabric is associated with Indians in more than one way.

Mens wear

Womens wear

Kids wear

Other than just creating livelihood for thousands of people, it also represents the culture and heritage of India. It is not just used to cover the skin but is a visual language to convey many things about the weaver, as a modern fabric of freedom, as a fabric of identity, and a fabric of simplicity. This hand spun and hand woven fabric is completely environmental friendly and is the best solution India can offer the world in the fight against today’s synthetic pollution and global warming.

The western world can now see what the human hand can do to fabrics. Each weave is different from the other and hence every garment made of hand woven fabric is unique. This is where the beauty of Khadi lies.

Khadi fabrics are woven on handlooms from cotton, silk, and woolen yarn, which are hand-spun. It is natural, durable and ideal to wear. Silk, the queen fabric, has won hearts wherever it went. Sure, there is no other fabric that can match silk for its soft and fine feel and brilliance.