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Product Development, Design Intervention and Packaging

With fashions changing fast, and the younger generation willing to spend more on fashion clothing, there is a need to work on capitalizing on the untapped Khadi readymade market, and making more quality merchandise available to such consumers.

Since Khadi deals in natural fibers viz. cotton, silk and wool only, spun and woven in natural environment, it can boast of being 100% natural, unlike handloom and mills which receive cotton yarn, blended with some regenerated cellulose fibers. Khadi dyed in Natural dyes also makes a perfect combination for a green fabric.

Khadi ready-mades designed by exclusive designers have caught up with the ongoing trends in the fashion market. There are plenty of designs to choose from. When it comes to utility, comfort and price the like of them is hard to find. Colors form a part of the design, thus making the ready-mades a real winner.