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Our Mission
To be a Benchmark in the Khadi and Village Industry Sector in India with excellence in Khadi production and employment generation with focus on providing our customers with Khadi and Village Industry Products of the highest standard.
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Do you know KHADI?
Khadi means "any cloth handspun in India and woven on handloom from cotton, silk or woolen yarn, or from a mixture of any two or all of such yarns."
The poor man's cloth popularized by Mahatama Gandhi during the freedom struggle, has, today become a style statement with top Hollywood actors including Richard Gere and Kate Winslet wearing it to film premieres and award ceremonies.
Indian designers too, as well have brought out an entire range of apparel made out of the cool, somber looking fabric, that suits perfectly to almost any climate.
While Indian wear is all about the `drape', tailors here are yet to master the art of cutting which is the cornerstone of Western clothing. So, an attempt is now being done to tie up with international organizations to change the face of khadi. Very few people know that one could fully furnish a home only with khadi products available. We have everything from dusters to cushion covers."