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The Guntur Zilla Khadi Gramodyog Samstha (GZKGS) is an old and reputed Institution producing Cottonkhadi and Muslin.
The Guntur Zilla Khadi Gramodyog Samstha is an organization registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. we started functioning in 1971 with a small capital of a few lakhs of rupees and stocks.

When the institution was decentralized in 1971, its level of production and sales combined was only of Rs.6.69 lakhs. Since then, we made a rapid progress under the able leadership of Sri P. Prasada Rao.

Strictly following the certification rules laid down by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, we have been able to attain a level of production of Rs.78.23 lakhs and sales at Rs.93.66 Lakhs. (1989-90)
Sri P.Prasada Rao
Founder Secretary GZKGS

Our institution enjoys a favorable local market, since 70% of the local population are habitual wearers of Khadi.

Our Samstha enjoys a happy and harmonious relationship between and among the management and workers, since all are members of the Institution and everyone of us understand that the well being of the organization is of utmost importance for our personal prosperity.

Our Institution has a marketing advantage of having retail outlets spread over three districts: Guntur, Krishna and Prakasam.

We have built up a sound production, sales and organizational management structure and work culture.

The Samstha at present has 12 Khadi Production and Sales Units, one Scutcher card Unit and one Bleaching Unit.

Our Central Vastragar is at the head quarters in Guntur and there are 10 Khadi Bhandars spread over the three districts.

Sri V.Murali Krishna
The Samstha also organizes mobile hawking sales to reach the interior villages for promotion and sale of Khadi & village industry products.

Today as many as 2060 persons are employed regularly of which 1448 are spinners, 464 weavers, 50 dhobis and 95 regular salaried staff in various other activities including office and management.

Shri V. MURALI KRISHNA, Former Secretary of our institution is a progressive minded person. He took over office in 1997, the assets of our institution rose to an extent of Rs.6.47 crores and business volume increased to Rs.7.38 crores per annum.

Shri V.Pavel, the present secretary of our institution took office in 2010. we have achieved a lot of mile stones in the Khadi and village industry sector since then. We are the first to be awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certification in the Khadi sector. We have established a common facility centre for beekeeping with a honey processing and bottling unit for the upliftment of the beekeeping sector and created employment and marketing opportunities to a hundreds of rural population. We have achieved an asset value of 30.85 crores and business volume of 15.32 crores per annum.

In India, Khadi is followed as a way of life. Besides providing a good economic source for livelihood, The Guntur Zilla Khadi Gramodyog Samstha aims at the overall development of the individual and the holistic growth of society.

Shri V.Pavel